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Mapping Projections (studio d3)

Simulación 3D en tiempo real

Realtime 3D Simulation

Navigate in d3´s realtime simulator without time-consuming rendering.

Simulador de Proyector

Projector Simulator

Project onto the most complex surfaces using d3´s projector simulation toolkit.



Utilise d3´s advanced timeline to sequence to the beat or by the frame.

Contenido Mapping

Content Mapping

Used d3´s advanced mapping to map content up to 16K onto your screens.



Smoothly play up to 32 HD movies and wide range of still image formats.

Configuración de Salidas

Configuring Outpunts

Configure LED and Projector outputs using d3´s advanced output funtions.



To enable any number of outputs, connect multiple servers using d3Net.

Integracion de Eventos

Show Integration

Plug SDI, Artnet, MIDI, OSC, audio and tracking systems into your d3 show, BLACKTRAX.

Backup & Support

Backup & Support

Explore different ways d3 ensures you to never lose your show.

Inteligente Tracking BLACKTRAX

Any Venue, Any Size, Anywhere

Any Venue, Any Size, Anywhere

Whether your stage is fixed or is part of a full-scale touring production, BlackTrax is ready to bring your vision and imagination to life. We’ve packaged our solutions to be mobile, flexible, simple, adaptable, and scalable to meet any production demand large or small.

Intelligent Tracking

Intelligent Tracking

BlackTrax doesn’t just track, it offers the most intelligent tracking solution that you can get. For example, when paired with BTwyg, BlackTrax’s virtual world, operators have the ability to define zones in the virtual space that will trigger actions in the real space. BT is intelligent and goes beyond simple “on/off” tracking, with a range of features such as prediction algorithms and trigger points to fire up lighting or multimedia cues. To put it plainly, BT’s tracking is highly advanced and unlike anything you’ve ever seen or used before.

Quick and Easy Setup and Calibration

Quick and Easy Setup and Calibration

BlackTrax’s setup is as easy as hanging the BTCameras around the space you want to track. Its advanced calibration system is automated and easy, it can be performed within 5 to 10 minutes. As a byproduct of this feature, it is very easy to calibrate lights and even use it to update focus positions.